1. I met little Luke and his family last Christmas. Luke was only 3 months old then! I was very excited when I got to see him again for his smashcake :)

    We agreed on a circus theme and I have been wanting to make this hot-air balloon prop for a long time! 

    Luke loved it and its a great memory for his first birthday <3

  2. I met Nathalie at a friend’s baby shower about 2 years ago… little did she know she would be contacting me for her very own maternity session soon after!

    We planned a woodsy sunset session and followed up with baby Isla in the woods as well :) Congratulations to the Concepcion family <3

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  3. I was so excited when I was asked to follow the Hernandez family’s journey :)

    We planned a sunset-beach maternity session and decided to change it up a little bit with a sunset-woodsy newborn session when Nehemiah arrived in May.

    The baseball glove was all dad’s idea—and one of my favorites! Nehemiah fit perfectly :)

    Congratulations to the Hernandez family— See you in 6 months!


  4. Kara’s Minnie Mouse themed smashcake session is one of my favorites by far! I loved the cutesy Minnie outfits mom coordinated for her and the cake was absolutely gorgeous!

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  5. How they grow… Amiya 6 month check-in

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  6. Joaquin Joseph Maximus

    I will never ever forget being there for the birth of my godson. It was an amazing moment to share with my best friend of 8 years.

    Birth Photography is probably my favorite thing in the world. It is priceless emotion captured in one fleeting instant.

    I believe having a photographer for the birth of your child is just as important as having a photographer at your wedding! It is a day you will never forget—and a day that you will always want to look back on. Photographs just make remembering that much sweeter.

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  7. A very special birthday.

    Xavier was born with a rare syndrome. The doctors told his parents to say their good-byes because he was not going to live past the next few hours. Xavier surprised everyone and not only made it through the night but through an entire year! It was my pleasure to photograph his first birthday smash cake and share his beautiful story. He is an adorable, strong little boy!

    Here’s to many more birthdays!


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  8. Camila turns 1! We planned her smash cake with pretty in pink pastels!
    She had a great time destroying her cake :)
    Happy Birthday Mila !

    Remember your child’s first birthday with a smash cake session! Its so much fun—contact me for booking www.photographyonfire.com

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  9. <3 Vintage Valentines <3

    I love love love this little baby! Sophia Rose—such a sweetheart. 

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  10. ♥ Valentine’s Day Mini Sessions ♥